Nationwide ammo shortage affecting local dealers

Nationwide ammo shortage affecting local dealers »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The country has seen an increase demand in ammunition in the last few months, and some say it's due to the fact that Obama is now in office, and many fear stricter gun control is on its way.

More gun control has always been feared by those who use guns for hunting, shooting and just wanting to have the right to protect themselves against intruders.

There was a rise in gun sales a few months back, and now we are seeing a rise in ammunition sales.

Stores can't even keep it on their shelves, and manufacturers have put businesses on waiting lists because they just cant keep up.

The Roseburg Gun Shop is not the only store in town having trouble keeping ammo in stock.

Bi-Mart literally has nothing on their shelves, and have limited the amount of ammo each customer can buy.

Jon Comstock says customers are just trying to get ahead. "Our sales are actually up. And talking to our distributors, their sales are up 40%, but you would never know it because  they don't have anything in the warehouse. It comes in, and then goes right out. I think we'll see an ease up, I would give it a couple of months and probably will start being easier to get."

Businesses say part of the reason for the shortage has to do with the war in Iraq, but now many customers are saying that with Obama in office, they are stockpiling for fear of what the future holds.