Road Closures

December 2006 storm
The Douglas County Road Department is advising motorists of two road closures as a result of last nights storm.

Tyee Road will be closed the majority of Friday, December 15th. The Road Department reports approximately 200 trees fell across the road between mile post 5.5 and mile post 6. The road is completely blocked. Crews are on the scene removing the trees but work is expected to take most of the day. Motorists who need to reach residences past mile post 5 will need to get there via the North end of Tyee Road off Highway 138 West.

The West end of Cole Road is closed temporarily near mile post .5 due to trees and power lines across the road. The roadway will be reopened as soon as crews from the power company arrives to clear the lines.

The Road Department reminds motorists that trees and other debris may be causing hazardous conditions on other county roads and that drivers should be cautious.

For Douglas county road information, the public may call the Douglas County Road Department at 440-4268