Multiple accidents Friday morning in Douglas County

Multiple accidents Friday morning in Douglas County »Play Video
Police and tow truck drivers all over the county were scrambling to try to cover all the accidents.

There were several rollovers and several fender benders

Police say there were more than a dozen accidents and a couple of them were serious.

In some places the highways were so slick it was hard to even stand up.

There was a 5 vehicle accident in Green, but apparently no serious injuries and two vehicles had to be towed.

On Highway 138 east of Roseburg, the Glide Fire Department had just cleared from an accident at milepost 8, when another happened in the same spot.

Fire chief Dan Tilson says people just need to slow down, and a lot of those accidents could be prevented.

"This is definitely a warning, this is the second accident we've had in this exact same location just over the top of Blacktop Hill, within an hour this morning. The roads throughout the county are very slick and people really need to slow down when it's freezing temperatures and the fog. There's just no excuse for excessive speeds in conditions like this."

Several accidents happened on Highway 42 from Winston to Camas Valley.

On Roberts Mountain this morning the former Lieutenant from the Oregon State Police, Glenn Gunter was involved in a crash and was taken to a Portland hospital with serious injuries.

A small passenger car and log truck collided near the Coos County line and two Coos Bay residents were transported to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries.

The small car was totalled in the wreck.

Police say it was like a skating rink on the roads this morning, and they remind drivers to slow down when it's icy and foggy, and to drive with your lights on.