More arrests made in connection with high speed chase

More arrests made in connection with high speed chase »Play Video

MYRTLE CREEK, Ore. -- Two more people have been arrested by the Myrtle Creek Police Department in connection with the high speed chase this week, that started in Myrtle Creek and ended with a crash on Boomer Hill Road.

The first person to be arrested in the case, Robert Ashton, 24, was rescued by Douglas County Sheriff's officers about 125 yards from where the stolen vehicle has originally crashed.

Police officials are investigating stolen property also involved in the case.

Dwes Hutson, the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff's department said, "Apparently, they found a large amount of property in the vehicle after the pursuit ended, and the deputies that were there were able to trace that back to a reported burglary that had just occured, or just been reported from the Lookingglass area."

Ashton remains in custody at the Douglas County Jail. He told officers on the scene that he was only the passenger of the vehicle.

The Oregon State Police, Myrtle Creek Police and Douglas County Sheriff's department are still looking for the driver of the stolen vehicle and investigating a number of leads.

"It's as serious as every criminal case we work, you know we're going to do our best to locate other people involved and make sure that they're held accountable for what's gone on, and continue to investigate any other crimes that may evolve out of this whole situation."

Police Chief Don Brown says Michelle Weeks and Raymond Burns were arrested after attempting to pick up the suspects on Boomer Hill Road.

Weeks and Burns were cited for using a police scanner to give updates on their cell phones to Ashton on the police officers whereabouts.

The two were charged with interfering with the case and were released.