Camas Valley man loses home to fire

Camas Valley man loses home to fire »Play Video

CAMAS VALLEY - Ore. -- A fire in a motor home has left a Camas Valley man without a home.

Camas Valley fire officials say they were called to a fire on Upper Camas Road, just before 5:30 p.m. on Friday, and found the  motor home totally engulfed in flames.

They were able to keep it from other buildings close by, and firefighters say they had it out in just a few minutes, but the home was completely destroyed in just a short time.

Officials say Neil Webster lived there alone, and he told fire investigators that he saw a flash when the fire started.

Officials say the blaze spread quickly and Webster had his hair singed, but he had no serious injuries.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Chris Lyman, says they determined that the fire was likely caused by a propane leak in the cooking stove, and it was apparently sparked by a power strip near the stove.

The motor home was an older model and the vehicle and contents were a total loss. It was valued at about $2,000.