Rampant Medical Marijuana Abuse attracting drug trafficking to Southern Oregon

Rampant Medical Marijuana Abuse attracting drug trafficking to Southern Oregon »Play Video
ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Not only is Oregon one of the top seven Marijuana producing states, according to the Oregon Employer Drug-Free Initiative, but the state leads the nation in virtually every measure of substance abuse.

The abuse has generated plenty of concern through recent years, leading to a discussion presented by Oregon State Police on controls to restrict significant abuse of the law, this past week.

O.S.P. say they see more Marijuana trafficking linked to Southern Oregon, then any other region in the state, mainly due to the ambiguity and abuse stemmed from the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, which passed over ten years ago.

The act which allows people who suffer from debilitating conditions to use marijuana for therapy, has been largely criticized for a lack of program oversight.

"We have one of the highest possession limits in the county. There are fourteen states that have medical Marijuana programs, and in Oregon you can possess up to a pound and a half and that's amongst the largest in the country," said Lt. Dingeman. "We are attracting people from out of state that are coming here and getting into the programs as a cover so that they can sell Marijuana."

Lieutenant Dingeman says police have made exorbitant arrests in employers concerned about employee Marijuana card abuse say it's a problem they see and want to eliminate.

"We've had a couple of instances were employees have tried to use the Medical Marijuana Card to justify their being under the influence and frankly we have a company policy that strictly prohibits any kind of a substance in a warehouse or in the workforce, which could inhibit their ability to do their job," explained Wes Melo of the Ingram Book Company.

In Douglas County, Dingeman says that 37% in 2008 and 33% in 2009 are Marijuana investigations out of compliance here locally.

The seminar also discussed the increase in caregiver growers who illegally sell Marijuana to drug dealers, often times ignoring the patient there supposed to be providing the drug to.