Roseburg wants to get the word out about .....NOISE

Roseburg wants to get the word out about .....NOISE »Play Video
Roseburg Councilors tried to clear up the city's year-old noise ordinance at last night's city council meeting.

Procedures for getting a permit, who needs a permit, and why a permit is needed were discussed.

Some contractors seemed confused about what the ordinance is and if they need a permit or not.

The allowed period for construction noise in the ordinance is from 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening, Monday through Friday.

Some changes were suggested, but city staff wants to publicize the current ordinance and see if that fixes the enforcement problems.

Roseburg city manager Eric Swanson said,

''We kind-of came up with a resolution to actually publicize more the buy-permit process that we have in our current ordinance, publicize that a little more with the Home Builders Association and their membership and the community at large. We think that this is something we'd like to try for at least six months.''

So instead of tweaking the current law with exceptions, the city wants to get the word out about its noise ordinance so there won't be so many complaints due to ignorance of the law.

Contractors and home owners with-in the Roseburg city limits are constrained by the noise ordinance to keep it quiet on week-ends, holidays and after 7 pm week-days.