Glide School Board reverses decisions

Glide School Board reverses decisions

GLIDE, Ore. - The Glide School Board was called into a special session Thursday night to reconsider its earlier decision to keep the Toketee Elementary School open.

Th board decided the district would need to close the school after all, after the district found out it would be losing another $295,000 from state revenue.

Toketee is in the Glide School District, and is about 40 miles east of Glide up the North Umpqua River. School officials said there are about 10 to 12 students that will have to be bussed to Glide next year once the school is shut down.

The School Board made a surprise move when idecided to reverse an earlier decision to move switch the high school Principal Pam Maurice to the middle school.  Instead, she will remain at the high school.

Superintendent Don Schrader said the district is also looking at blending gades in pairs to reduce staffing.

A Monday night Budget Committee meeting is planned and Schrader said they will be looking at those cuts and more at that meeting.