At Noon: Over 70% of Douglas County ballots in

At Noon: Over 70% of Douglas County ballots in

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- People were out and about in Roseburg today, reminding last minute voters to get their ballots in.

To remind those who haven't cast their vote yet to turn in ballots, some covered Roseburg with signs, urging people to let their voice be heard.

Matthew Robinson, son of Art Robinson, who is running against Peter DeFazio in Oregon's 4th congressional district, says it's easy to forget to vote with Oregon's vote by mail system. "A lot of people, they forget about it," he said. "Especially with vote by mail, that's sitting around on their kitchen table and they just forget about. So, if they see a candidate out there waiving signs, they're more likely to remember that they forgot their ballot and run home and get it."

As of noon Monday, a little more than 70% of registered voters had turned in their ballots.

County Clerk Patricia Hitt says she expects about 9,000 ballots to come in today alone, and she says that's pretty standard for the last day.