Coos County sheriff addresses shootings, 2nd Amendment

Coos County sheriff addresses shootings, 2nd Amendment

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni released a letter to citizens on Wednesday, on the heels of several county sheriffs writing letters to the vice president regarding new gun control legislation.

In a letter released Wednesday afternoon, Zanni said that those who are in leadership roles should, "avoid making hasty decisions or taking positions that impact the rights of all people."

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Sheriff Zanni writes that he supports the second amendment and he will continue to be an, "avid supporter of Oregon's Concealed Handgun License Program."

Sheriffs from all over Oregon have been writing letters to Vice President Biden this week, saying that they will not enforce new gun regulations that are deemed to be unconstitutional.

Crook County Sheriff Jim Hensley said Tuesday he sent the same letter to Biden that was sent Monday by Linn County Sheriff Mueller.

When Mueller's letter hit the Internet, it quickly went viral on social media sites.

Reached by phone on Monday afternoon, Mueller said he decided to write the letter after he and his deputies kept hearing questions from Linn County residents about their positions on the gun control debate.

“I told my deputies, ‘Hey look, I’m not going to turn otherwise honest citizens into criminals because of some misguided efforts from the U.S. Capitol,’” Mueller said.

Earlier in the day, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin also released a letter he sent to the vice president. Sheriff Hanlin writes that he agrees with Mueller, and will not direct his deputies to enforce any "unconstitutional directives."

Wednesday morning, President Obama outlined a series of executive orders addressing gun control issues, as well as outline what legislation he expected congress to pass.

The Coos County sheriff's office has confirmed that Zanni will be holding a press conference at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, at the South Coast Education Service District in Coos Bay.

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