Crab starting to hit docks, fisheries react

Crab starting to hit docks, fisheries react

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- The Charleston Harbor has been busy the last few days with crabbers unloading their catch.

But, crabbers and local distributors say the season isn't going as well as they hoped.

The price is still set at $2.30 a pound, and it's expected to go up.

Fisheries like Hallmark in Charleston will negotiate their selling price in the next few days.

Because there is not as much crab coming in, the price for customers will go up. Scott Adams of Hallmark Fisheries says that the first day was similar to last year. "What we've seen so far, is the numbers for offloads the first day are comparable to last year's offloads," he said. "Second day about the same thing, but after that it seems to have fallen off a little bit, which coincides with what the fishermen say. So, they're gonna have to work harder, look harder to catch the same amount of crab as they've been catching."

Bad weather and dredging issues in Port Orford are forcing some of those crabbers to unload their catch in Charleston as well.