Delgates prepare to head to Japanese sister city

Delgates prepare to head to Japanese sister city

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The words 'friendship' and 'understanding' are engraved on a stone outside Roseburg City Hall, and it's the perfect phrase to describe the relationship between Roseburg and their sister city all the way over in Shobu, Japan.

Since 1993, groups from the two cities alternate their yearly visits.

It's an effort to try and create a better understanding between American and Japanese culture. "My friends, my Japanese friends, and we get to stay in their homes and learn their way of life which is quite unusual for anybody to stay in a Japanese home," said Dr. Jon Burpee, a sister cities board member

Later this month, delegates from Roseburg will travel to Shobu to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship. "They treat you wonderfully, they are so gracious, they're giving," Burpee said.

Shobu has given many gifts to Roseburg that are displayed around the city.

This year, Roseburg will present the mayor of Shobu with a time capsule full of Roseburg and Oregon memorabilia. "We put it in this box and it will be on display closed. They're supposed to open it up 20 years from now," said Burpee.

Many people have passed the statue in front of city hall, never realizing it's true purpose is to celebrate the friendship and understanding of two cultures so far away from each other.