Democrats: Stop destroying our signs

Democrats: Stop destroying our signs

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- With election season comes ad campaigns, rallies and signs. Officials say political sign vandalism in Roseburg is becoming part of it as well.

The Douglas County Democratic party says several signs for President Obama and Peter DeFazio were found outside the Roseburg Beacon office on Wednesday.

The signs were returned to the party office and redistributed.

In neighborhoods northwest of town, some residents say they've had their signs vandalized in their own front yard. "It's sort of like do unto others' signs as you would do unto yours," said Dean Byers, the Chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party. "I would really just ask people to behave themselves, be gentlemen and ladies about it, if you don't agree with someone don't vote for them.

Byers says this is the most sign vandalism he's seen.

KPIC News is waiting on a call beck from the Republican headquarters to find out if their signs are being destroyed as well.