Dog lands under-the-desk job at city hall

Dog lands under-the-desk job at city hall
Is this your dog? If so, she's really sweet, and doing a good job holding down City Hall. But you better claim her soon.

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Most city officials that work in the Coquille City Hall put in 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday. But this month, there is one friendly face that is literally working like a dog.

Putting in a hard day's nap under the desk of the city recorder is just another day at work for Coquille's newest city official, but how she ended up at city hall is not necessarily dreamy circumstances.

'Jewel' as she has been nicknamed, was found wondering the streets of Coquille after possibly falling out of a passing truck.

Chief Janice Blue of the Coquille Police Department, says Jewel had some rope around her neck. "There was a frayed rope around her, almost like a baling type rope that they use for hay bails around her neck, and it was frayed," said Blue. "So, obviously she either got out of a vehicle or out of someone's yard."

Too smart to be a stray and too sweet to go to the pound, city officials decided to give Jewel a foster home inside the Coquille City Hall.

Earning her keep while she waits for her owners to hopefully come and pick her up, she walks the halls and greets people as if she was an honorary city councilor.

Rene Collins, the city recorder, says the dog checks everyone out who comes into the building. "She has barked once, but as far as people going in and out of city hall all day, she's not too concerned," Collins said. "She'll go up and check them out, but other than that she looks at them and lays back down."

At five o'clock she punches out and heads home for the night with Collins.

But, Jewel can't stay at city hall forever.

City officials are giving her owners just a few more weeks to come and pick her up, and if she's still there by March, then they'll get her some adoption options.