First ever area Puppy Blood Bank to start soon

First ever area Puppy Blood Bank to start soon »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- One Roseburg veterinary clinic is asking the public to help them save the lives of dogs throughout the county.

Usually, when an animal comes into Bailey's vet clinic needing blood, officials try to find it locally. Dr. Blair Bailey says, "We've been relying on our own personal pets for donating blood, and there's been times when we just literally don't have enough blood for pets that need it."

When the supply runs out, officials have to order it from elsewhere.

Those shipments can quickly add up. "The expense is horrendous, almost $400 for a unit of blood for a pet."

Bailey says that some pet owners can't afford the high price tag. "Often that's a decision on whether the pets going to make it or not."

In order to combat that, officials at the clinic are starting a puppy blood bank. "This blood bank will be open to anybody who needs blood for their pets in the whole community."

They will be kicking things off on August 22 by holding a pet and person blood drive.

There will be a Red Cross Blood Drive for people in the parking lot from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., while their pets give back inside the clinic. 

Dogs need to be more than 60 pounds with a calm demeanor, and the donation comes with a free annual exam.

The blood will be going to pets who have experienced blood loss, car accident victims, animals with chronic diseases and weak immune systems.

Bailey says they been working on this for almost two years, trying to get everything together for what he says is the first Douglas County puppy blood bank.

For more information, you can contact Bailey's at (541) 673- 4403.