First rain brings 8 wrecks in 2 hours

rainy roads

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Monday's rainfall was just a small spurt, but it was enough to cause several accidents.

In less than two hours, there were eight separate accidents around Douglas County.

Officials say that the rainfall was probably a factor in several of the crashes, and add that's pretty standard for this time of year. "We have all summer's worth of oil and dust and grit on the roads, and these make things very very slick when mixed with water," said Oregon State Police Lt. Doug Ladd. "It takes several days for all of this stuff to get washed off. So, it'll be a few more rainstorms before we're back to normal traction."

Ladd reminds people that the best way to keep yourself safe is to slow down, and drive with caution.

The rain is supposed to hold off for several more days, so he advises getting your vehicle ready for winter now.

Making sure that your tires have enough tread and your windshield wipers still work when it's dry could save you from running into trouble when the rain returns.