From the Olympics to CrossFit: Pappas brothers open new gym

From the Olympics to CrossFit: Pappas brothers open new gym

EUGENE, Ore. - Lane 5 CrossFit opened up last week across the street from the federal courthouse in Eugene.

Tom and Bill Pappas are brothers from Azalea. Bill ran track at the University of Oregon, and Tom went to Lane Community College before transfering to the University of Tennessee.

Tom went on to become a successful decathlete competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and placing 5th.

Tom began having foot injuries while competing in the Athens Olympics in 2004 and Beijing Olympics in 2008, so he started doing rehab.

"I was tired of doing pool workouts, bike workouts, and rehabbing all day…and I started doing CrossFit stuff," said Tom.  

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that has become popular around the world with over 3,000 gyms - most of them in the U.S. Bill had been competing in CrossFit and introduced Tom to the workouts.

Now that Tom is nearing retirement in his career, the brothers opened Lane 5 CrossFit.

They say it's an intense workout that can still be fun.

"The classes are only an hour long, you feel like you can get a real good workout and then you're out the door," said Tom. "You're constantly changing, your body is always trying to adapt and that's where you see results."

"Doesn't matter what your fitness background is or your age. It benefits everyone and everyone goes through the same program," said Tom.