Fundraiser brings democrats together over weekend

Fundraiser brings democrats together over weekend »Play Video

CANYONVILLE, Ore. -- Hundreds of democrats gathered at Seven Feathers Casino on Saturday night for the annual Flegal Dinner.

Familiar names in politics got the chance to talk with residents about the significance of this year's election.

Some of the hot topics at the dinner included getting President Obama re-elected, protecting small businesses and the "do-nothing congress."

Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State, spoke about what she wanted to see come out of this election. "Oregon is a state filled with small businesses, and I want to make sure that they survived and thrive in this state," she said. 

Rep. Peter DeFazio, 4th District of Oregon, spoke about what he sees as some of the biggest problems in the nation. "They've blocked any kind of bill that will put people back to work," said DeFazio, speaking about the republican party. "So the bottom line is, if you want to move the country ahead, if you want to fix some of the huge problems that are looming before us, I'm encouraging people to vote to support me and to support the president."

The dinner also included a silent auction, and all proceeds will go to the Douglas County Democratic Party.