Gun & Knife show draws thousands to Roseburg

Gun & Knife show draws thousands to Roseburg »Play Video
A young boy checks out the sights on one of many rifles lined up at a booth this weekend at the Gun & Knife Show.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Thousands of people flocked to the fairgrounds this weekend for the Gun and Knife show.

Several booths were set up, selling the latest and even some of the oldest in firearms and knives.

Dealers say the show is a good way to sell products so they can make room for more inventory at their stores. "It's a good place to move products that are stagnant at the shop," said Raye Gunter. "It's also a good place for the high volume stuff. It's good to get out there and actually talk to people."

Gunter says that over the years, technology has made it much easier to sell firearms at shows while staying in line with required background checks. A computer check now only takes about five minutes, which helps finalize the process.

Dealers and buyers traveled from all over the state just to be at this weekend's show.