Kids raise $1K for Guardians of Heroes project

Kids raise $1K for Guardians of Heroes project

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Roseburg National Cemetery parking lot is all paved, and now thanks to some local kids, the landscaping will get a little bit better.

In just one night, the leadership class at Fremont Middle School raised $1,000 for the local organization Guardians of Heroes.

Ally VanNorman, a Fremont 8th grader, is one of them. "We threw a dance on September 20, and we had refreshments and they had to pay $5 to get in," she said.

Fremont leadership raised $2,000 at their 'Support the Troops Dance.'

They setting aside half of it for school sports equipment.

They knew they wanted to donate the other half of the money locally to benefit the Roseburg community.

Jessica Grubbs, also a Fremont 8th grader, says they found the Guardians of Heroes and their parking lot project. "We wanted to donate the proceeds that we made to some organization that helps the troops, and we saw the paving at the cemetery, and we thought that would be a good idea," she said.

The leadership class presented the check to the Guardians of Heroes organization Monday afternoon.

The pavement project at the cemetery is done, but the $1,000 will help fund the landscaping and other finishing touches.