Landslide blocks highway

Landslide blocks highway

TRIANGLE LAKE, Ore. - It was easier to hike over Highway 36 than drive across it Thursday morning.

"We think that snow load and the tree tops kinda pulled down a lot of trees, kinda bringing down the side of the hill there," said ODOT's Eric Alexander.

Crews worked through the night clearing a massive landslide at milepost 27 near Triangle Lake.

Alexander said just after midnight, the slide came down on the road, bringing trees and boulders with it.

The slide was enough to shut down the entire portion of the highway to traffic.

"We get slides there every year," said Alexander. "We've had two or three slide there just this year."

He said luckily the road isn't quite as popular during the winter.

"It's not traveled very heavily this time of year. Most of the homes here are summer homes, there are some residences."

And even though the worst weather is behind us, it doesn't mean drivers are out of the woods yet.

"These windy, curvy roads, you never know what you're gonna see around the corner so be careful," he said.

ODOT planned on having the slide cleared out by early Thursday evening and re-opening the highway at milepost 27.