Late Summer heat helping the wine crop

Late Summer heat helping the wine crop »Play Video

UMPQUA, Ore. -- It didn't feel like Fall here in the Umpqua Valley on Thursday, as temperatures soared into the mid 90's.

While some crops may not be doing so well with the heat, experts say that the wine crop is actually benefiting.

Scott Henry of Henry Estate Winery says we started the Spring about two weeks late. But, thanks to the warm, dry weather, the crop has caught up.

Unlike most plants, grapes can withstand high temperatures. "You can have a 110 degree day, you look at the vineyards and the vineyards look fine," Henry said.

Scott says that the hot days mixed with the cool nights actually bring out a unique flavor.

This year, with days in the 90's and nights in the 30's, Henry says the crop is doing well. "Could be a really good year. It's looking good right now."

Henry says that all of this heat has actually helped both the quality and the quantity of the wine, and that he expects this year's crop to be pretty tasty.