Local kids learning skills from the Portland Timbers

Local kids learning skills from the Portland Timbers

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Portland Timbers have teamed up with the Umpqua United Soccer Club to put on a summer camp this week.

Kids from 5 to 15 will spend the next couple of days training with Portland Timbers affiliates and learning some valuable lessons for on and off the playing field.

Christopher Jurado is a fifth grader, who talked about how the camp is helping him. "I've learned how to be quicker and how to pass a little bit better," he said.

Kaitlyn Riley says she has learned some new skills as well. "I've learned how to communicate with other people while passing and dribbling."

Jeff Batt is an intern for the Timbers, and he says they try to help the kids learn about more than just the game. "We have a 'TREES' program that we teach the Timbers," he said. "It stands for Teamwork, Respect, Effort, Environment and Sportsmanship. So, each day we try to talk about one of those things with them, and I learn stuff as well from coaching with them."

The campers get a full day of shooting and learn at tactical and passing stations.

The camp will end with a mock world cup.