Local soldier dies: 'He wanted everybody else to be happy'

Local soldier dies: 'He wanted everybody else to be happy' »Play Video
Pfc Avery Stringer was laid to rest in Roseburg on Monday.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Dozens came out to mourn the loss of a local soldier on Monday, one who friends and family say always made them smile.

Private First Class Avery Stringer died on April 13 at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Family members say he was found deceased in his room.

Avery was a 2012 graduate from Roseburg High School.

Officials with Fort Bragg have not release a cause of death at this point.

His friends told KPIC News that he was the type of person you couldn't help but love. "He was basically one of the best people to be around," said Tim Minter. "Most likely if you didn't know him, you knew of him, because he was such a great person."

Those who knew Avery describe him as an active, funny guy, who always did what he could to make others smile. "He wanted everybody else to be happy. He would literally do anything to make other people happy," said Stringer's friend, Brodie Minter.

As he was laid to rest in Roseburg on Monday, as his memorial flag was folded for his family, his friends say his memory will live on. "I kind of feel like we're all here to say goodbye, you know, but Avery and I, we always had a promise that we never say goodbye," said Michelle Epps. "Because goodbye meant going away, and going away meant forgetting. So, I think that, instead of saying goodbye, we should all be saying 'I'll be seeing you.'"

Avery Stringer was 18-years-old.