Lookingglass recall moving forward

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Lookingglass fire district board is catching some heat.

On Monday, petitioners turned in the necessary signatures to recall four of the Fire District's board members.

Dennis Sifford, Stuart Kramer, Phyllis Smith and Dave Meador are all facing recall.

Chief Petitioner Bob Russell said his issues with the board stem back to the measure they put on the May ballot.

He doesn't believe that the board members really listened to what the residents wanted, and he thinks it's time to elect people who will listen to taxpayers. "These elected officials aren't doing what their constituents want. And so here we are," he said. "This is our only choice is to try and get a set of individuals into that district that will do what their constituency wants and remember that they work for the taxpayer and not the other way around."

The board members are allowed to resign until August 20.

After that, the recall election will be scheduled within 30 days.