Mixed reaction about reps visit to topless bar

Mixed reaction about reps visit to topless bar

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Two Douglas County politicians are among a group of Oregon lawmakers who allegedly went to a bar that features topless dancing while on vacation last January.

Many of the Douglas County residents KPIC News spoke with, said they really don't mind.

Co-Speaker of the House Bruce Hanna and Representative Tim Freeman were on vacation, along with several other lawmakers, in California earlier this year.

One night, the group stopped by a bar that featured topless style dancing.

Roseburg resident Ken Madison told KPIC News, "I sort of feel like, if it was on their own time, with their dollar, I might not agree with their preferences, but I don't think it affects their ability to serve as representatives."

Others we spoke with agreed with Madison, saying it's not something they'd want to do, but they don't think it's really an issue that the men went to the bar. Angelina Asper-Roseburg resident) "I'm not upset by that," said resident Angelina Asper. "They're guys on vacation. I'd be mad if my boyfriend went."

But not everyone we talked to believes that it's OK the group visited the club. Stephen Miller told KPIC News that they shouldn't have made that choice. "Since they're public officials and they're in the public eye, they should kind of be held to a little bit higher standard," he said.

Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna told KPIC News in a phone conversation that he did in fact visit the bar.

Hanna represents District 7, which spans parts of Lane and Douglas Counties.

He confirmed that the group did go to a club that featured topless dancers, but says that the one night does not define him. He believes that his life's work, faith, family, business, and legislative career are more important than the time he spent at the topless bar, and adds that the incident does not apply to his ability to do his job.