Official: Cold water + Overconfidence = Drowning

Official: Cold water + Overconfidence = Drowning »Play Video

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- People are taking advantage of the warm weather by taking a dip in the river, but before you go, a Douglas County official has a few tips.

Douglas County Fire District #2 Fire Marshal Josep Pedrola says it's not a good idea to swim long distances, and you should pay attention to signs your body gives you.

The rivers in Douglas County this time if year are cold, and even if you are a swimmer, he says it's important to know your limits. "Firefighters respond almost every year consistently to drowning," Pedrola said. "Comments from family and friends are, 'He or she was a good swimmer.' Unfortunately, they underestimate their capabilities."

Pedrola says overconfidence can contribute to the problem.

He urges people to pay attention to signs along the river.

If you're going boating, you still need to be safe and wear a life jacket.