Police looking for musical instrument thief

Police looking for musical instrument thief

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- A program that teaches bay area teenagers and college students about jazz and classical music is now scrambling to replace instruments and equipment, after a thief broke into their travel trailer earlier this month.

The Oregon Coast Lab Band is known for performing at public ceremonies and celebrations, and even on a sunny street corner during the summer.

But now, the group is left searching for new equipment before their next performance in just a couple of weeks.

Late in the night on January 7, a thief broke into their travel trailer packed with instruments ready to take on the road. "The equipment that the Lab Band uses when we go on the road to perform, so speakers, piano, amps, microphones, just basically everything they needed," said Jim ring, the band board president. "He wasn't able to open both doors completely, so he wasn't able to get all the equipment out of there or it would've been a much more devastating loss."

North Bend police and the band have no clues as to who stole the equipment from their trailer and they are asking for your help to find the person that did this.

Officials with the band says most of the items taken are covered by insurance, but they are still looking for microphones and an electric keyboard with weighted keys.