Popular goose found shot dead

Popular goose found shot dead

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Often times when people come to Empire Lakes, they were greeted by Stanley the Goose. Although he was just a goose, he was a friend to many.

When the news came out that he was shot and killed last week it shook the community.

The park host who pulled Stanley's body from the water saw the love for Stanley every day. "He was pretty popular," said Ken Howell. "A lot of people would come down here and feed him, and then when I came home at night he would be here on this point, he was kind of like the guardian down here."

Students from the nearby community college question why someone would do that to Stanley. "I live in the dorms, and we would always come over and people would feed him bread crumbs and stuff, and he was friendly," said student Braidy Rose. "I've never seen him attack anyone or anything."

Police are looking into Stanley's death. Sgt. Mike Shaffer of the Coos Bay Police Department, says wildlife crime is rare in the area. "They're rare, and obviously people in our parks appreciate our wildlife, so when we get a call like this we will obviously look into it," he said.

Police say any public knowledge that could add to the investigation would be helpful.

Although Stanley is no longer here to greet his friends, it's pretty clear he won't be forgotten.