Kruse Farms: Pumpkin patch open for business

Kruse Farms: Pumpkin patch open for business

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Families poured into the Kruse Farms parking lot to experience the opening weekend of the pumpkin patch.

Workers at the farm say the heavy harvest has slowed down, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the Fall festivities.

Evan Kruse of Kruse Farms says they have been able to prepare for the harvest season festivities. "We have time to cut the corn maze and build the hay maze and put somebody out driving the tractor in the field," he said. "It's fun to see people come out and have a little bit of recreation time rather than just a little meal planning at the farm."

Some say the pumpkin ride has become a family tradition, and a fun way to find the perfect pumpkin. "Watching the kids run around, pick out their pumpkin, put that one down and go get another one until they get the right one," said local dad, Jesse Nielsen.

The pumpkin patch is open through the end of October, and if you haven't made it out yet don't worry. There is no shortage of pumpkins. "I have no idea how many pumpkins are out there," Kruse said. "I wouldn't want to count how many pumpkins are out there, but there's still plenty to go around and there's lots of good color."

Pumpkin rides cost $5 and there is one rule: If you can carry it out, you can keep it.