Rich retains seat as Roseburg mayor

Rich retains seat as Roseburg mayor »Play Video

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Roseburg citizens won't see a change in leadership, as incumbent mayor Larry Rich has won the mayoral race for the eighth time.

Rich has been mayor in Roseburg for 14 years, and faced challenger Mike Baker.

Baker has been a member of the Roseburg City Council for eight years.

Baker ran on a platform of job creation, saying he could put the unemployed back to work, but Rich says he has his own plans to stimulate the economy. "The problem right now is, you can't get the semi trucks from the freeway to Diamond Lake Boulevard, going through the downtown intersections," Rich said. "So, as soon as we can get that solved, it'll open up Diamond Lake Boulevard, and you'll see a lot of stores going up out there."

The race was a close one, where the unofficial result had Rich ahead with about 560 votes.