Rivers rapidly rising from rainfall

Rivers rapidly rising from rainfall »Play Video
Deer Creek in Roseburg off of Douglas Blvd. is rising, along with other rivers and streams.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- While some areas of the state are blanketed with snow, here in Douglas County we have been getting hit with huge amounts of rainfall.

A flood warning has been issued for the county.

The area received over an inch of rain in just 24 hours, and county Watermaster Dave Williams says that has brought some water ways to near flood levels. "We've had a lot of rain in a short period of time on already saturated ground," he said. "The result is that the stream flows are increasing fairly rapidly."

Williams adds that the huge amount of rainfall poses more dangers than just flooding. He advises people to be mindful of downed trees and power lines, and for drivers to watch out for standing water on roadways.

Williams points out that the precipitation isn't all bad, he says it's greatly improved the snow pack.

Currently, Diamond Lake has 117% of the average snow pack, and that will mean good things for the county when summer hits.

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