Root Rot killing Christmas trees, local farm says our area OK

Root Rot killing Christmas trees, local farm says our area OK

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Farmers nationwide, especially in the Pacific Northwest, have reported their Christmas trees are dying.

A type of mold is causing Root Rot, killing the trees and costing farmers a pretty penny.

According to the owners at Roberts Tree Farm in Roseburg, our area dodged a bullet.

Farmers are reporting root rot that's killing the Christmas trees has cost $300 million in Oregon alone.

Coleen Roberts says our dry summer helped our area escape the damage. "It has been a dry year this season and we had to do some watering, especially with our seedlings to keep them alive, but as far as diseases and mold, our trees haven't been affected."

According to Coleen, the dry season is what most likely saved them from the mold and root rot that's affecting so many tree farms in the region.

Coleen says they are lucky to have a healthy group of trees. "We haven't been affected by it, thank heavens it's been a dry year and we had to hand-water some of our trees this summer," she said. "I think that helped the survival ability rate of a lot of our seedlings."

If you're still looking for that perfect tree, she says they will hand you a saw and 20 acres of healthy trees to choose from.