Roseburg Skate Park hosts first Bike and Board Jam

Roseburg Skate Park hosts first Bike and Board Jam

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Rikk's Bike Shop held it's first ever Bike and Board Jam this Saturday at the Roseburg skate park.

Lots of people where out to see the boarders, bikers and scooter riders jump and spin through the air.

Rikk Killcy, owner of Rikk's Bikes, told KPIC News that the equipment they use isn't your everyday two-wheeler. "These aren't the regular scooters you see at Wal Mart, these are the ones that you buy at a shop, and 4-500 hundred dollars for a scooter."

The talented kids do tricks, but all those after market parts can sure add up.

Ask one of these skaters, though, and they're sure to tell you that those wheels, bars, decks, and bearings go a long way in perfecting their craft.

Rikk says these scooters and skateboards take a real beating, and you can see it. "Right now, it's a younger kids thing, it's kinda like, they get started with the scooter and then they graduate to the bicycle and you, know, there's actually kids that we have here that ride all three of them: scooters, skate boards and bicycles, on a regular basis."

Rikk says a lot of the tricks these kids are doing on scooters translate to bikes as well.

He says some scooter riders are getting major sponsors nowadays, some of them as young as 14-years-old.