Roseburg hosts regional Babe Ruth softball tournament

Roseburg hosts regional Babe Ruth softball tournament
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ROSEBURG, Ore. - The Babe Ruth regional girls softball tournament at Gaddis Park is a great boost for the local economy, according to tournament officials.

"Well there's 11 teams from outside the area, so roughly 300, 400 people, so just dumping into our economy with motels and all that," said Bill Endicott, the tournament director. "It's just good for the community."

Endicott said this is the first time roseburg has hosted a regional softball tournament. Organizers have been planning for the past five months.
"We've never hosted one, ever, so it's kind of a learning curve for most of us," he said. "It's a lot more than most people anticipated."

The tournament features age groups from 10 to 16. Teams traveled to Roseburg from as far away as Canada and Montana.

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