Roseburg woman speaks about family in the Philippines

Roseburg woman speaks about family in the Philippines

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- After a typhoon devastated the Philippines, one local woman says the storm hit a little too close to home.

A Roseburg woman has family in the Philippines, and has talked to her mother about the devastation there.

The city of Tacloban has received the most media attention since the storm hit, but Icel Lohbeck of Roseburg says her small village of Hilongos is also in desperate need of help. "So, this is what happened to my town. This is the grocery store and it's all closed," she said.

As of Tuesday, the official death toll was approaching 2,000, but officials fear the true number might be around 10,000. "They're having a really hard time with transportation, water and food because there is a lot of help, but the help did not come to my town yet because of the debris in the road," said Icel. "There's no transportation by land from Tacloban to Hilongos."

Icel says many of the people affected in Tacloban are migrating to her village, and things are getting violent. "The people that are traveling to look for shelter are now in our town," she said. "So, everyone is needing food, water and shelter and people are getting violent."

Icel's mother and brother are still in Hilongos, and she says they are lucky to have family in the United States to send them funds, because most people don't have that. "I will call it lucky and blessed, because we are here," she said. "I mean, I have sisters over here and we send a little bit of fund, but the others don't even have any."