Semi spins 180 degrees on icy Oregon highway

EUGENE, Ore. - A trucker escaped injury when he lost control of his rig on ice Thursday morning, causing the truck to spin 180 degrees and overturn on the far side of the road, Oregon State Police.

A state trooper's cruiser was nearly hit by a second truck that lost control and jackknifed approaching the crash scene, police said.

The crash happend around 7:40 a.m. on Highway 58 a few miles west of the junction with Highway 97.

The trucker was westbound at about 50 mph when the truck slid on ice. The truck and trailer began to jackknife and spun 180 degrees across the centerline before rolling onto their right side off the eastbound shoulder, police said.

While a state trooper talked to the uninjured driver, another westbound commercial truck approaching the scene lost control and started to jackknife.

The sliding truck and trailer narrowly missed the trooper's patrol car. After that truck passed, the driver was able to straighten out and continue without stopping.