Sheriff: Calling '112' social media posts are wrong

Sheriff: Calling '112' social media posts are wrong

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- The Sheriff's office is asking the public to disregard a post making it's way around social media sites about calling '112.'

The Coos County Sheriff's office is joining the National Emergency Number Association in warning people not to dial 112.

Authorities say there have been a rash of social media posts recently that instruct people to dial 112, rather than 9-1-1, in certain circumstances. 

Some of these posts indicate that by dialing 112, emergency services will pinpoint your location and respond immediately. Other posts have indicated 112 could be a handy way to confirm and officer's authenticity if being pulled over by police.  

Officials say that while dialing 112 in North America may work on certain devices or on certain wireless networks that offer special features, the call may not go through. 

Even if it does, 112 provides no special emergency call handling.  In fact, officials say it adds a delay due to it having to be converted to 911, and then routed to the appropriate call center.

112 is the standard emergency number for countries that are part of the European Union, but dialing 911 is still the only way to ensure that your call for emergency assistance gets through in the US and Canada.