Some ballots out for Lookingglass recall

Some ballots out for Lookingglass recall

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Four of the Lookingglass Fire District Board members are up for recall, and some of the ballots for the election went out today.

Dennis Sifford, Stuart Kramer, Phyllis Smith and Dave Meador are all facing recall.

The four had the option to resign, but all of the candidates chose not to.

So, the election will take place on September 18.

Ballots were mailed out to military members today, and Lookingglass residents should expect to get theirs sometime in the next week or two.

If the four members are recalled, then it's up to the Douglas County Commissioners to help the board get back to work. Patricia Hitt, Douglas County Clerk, told KPIC News what would happen if the four were recalled. "The board of commissioners would be required to appoint a quorum, which means they would appoint two more members to the board," she said. "Then, the three members would appoint the remaining two."

Ballots must be in by 8:00 p.m. on September 18.

The drop box in Winston will be open to voters starting August 31.