State boating deaths up, Douglas County down

State boating deaths up, Douglas County down

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- A new report shows that 2012 has been an especially deadly year for boaters in Oregon.

With the recreational boating season is over, 17 people died in the state in boating accidents, making it close to one of the deadliest years on record.

One person died in Douglas County waterways this year. While she was wearing a life jacket, officials say that many others who die in boating accidents are not.

Authorities say that more people hitting the water in the county are taking measures to stay safe. "What we're seeing here in Douglas County is more people who are actually wearing their properly fitted life jackets, higher than normal," said Douglas County Sheriff's deputy Dwes Hutson.

Though the weather is getting colder, Hutson says that some people are still going to be in and around water.

He says now that temperatures are dropping, it is even more important to wear a life jacket when you're near the water.