Students turning learning into profits

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SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- At Sutherlin High School, students aren't just growing plants, they've turned work into a business.

The students are taking a class in a greenhouse, and turning their education into dollars. "Most of the stuff that we have, like the vegetables, we've grown straight from the seed," said Sutherlin junior Kylee Carson. "Most of them are about a quarter of an inch down in the soil."

The class is called Agriculture Business, Leadership and Economics.

Wes Crawford is an instructor, and says it's been good to get the kids some experience with running a business. "At Sutherlin High School, we were missing this piece, this capstone if you will,  for juniors and seniors, to provide those professional skills and that experience," said Crawford.

The class has produced savvy horticulturists and budding businessmen and women.

Shelby Foley, a senior, told KPIC News about what she learned in the program. "In marketing, we learned how to create advertisements that will catch your eye the most," she said.

Students are holding a plant sale this Saturday at Sutherlin High from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The money will help pay for the cost of the class, and rest goes to the Future Farmers of America chapter at the school.