Suspicious fires, unattended campfires keep crews busy

Suspicious fires, unattended campfires keep crews busy

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Firefighters had a busy weekend responding to human-caused fires - including some supsicious blazes now under investigation.

The Douglas Forest Protective Association said the 4 fires in the Happy Valley Road and Looking Glass Road area since July 24 are under investigation as suspicious.

Three of the fires happened Sunday. All were kept to a fraction of an acre.

Other weekend fires were the result of unattended campfires, or remain under investigation.

Rabbit Fire:  DFPA responded to a fire 10 miles northwest of Glendale on Saturday morning near Rabbit Mountain in the Douglas Complex fire scar. The fire was burning in a large dead tree. The tree had to be cut before firefighters could safely fight the fire. The cause of the Rabbit Fire is under investigation.

Mill Hill Fire: DFPA and the Riddle and Tri-City fire departments responded to a fire in a chip pile Saturday afternoon behind DR Johnson Lumber Company in Riddle. The fire was contained to the chip pile and some surrounding grass.

Morrison Avenue Fire: DFPA and Myrtle Creek Fire Department responded to a grass fire on Morrison Avenue in Myrtle Creek on Sunday morning at 10:30. The fire burned 1/100th of an acre and was a result of an unattended campfire.

Boomer Rice Fire: 
DFPA responded to a fire Sunday morning at 10:30 approximately 6 miles west of Myrtle Creek on Boomer Hill. The fire was the result of an unattended campire and burned 1/10th of an acre of grass, brush and trees.

Residents are reminded that all open fires - including campfires, cooking and warming fires - are prohibited under the current Regulated Use Closure, unless they are in a DFPA approved campground. A complete list of DFPA approved campgrounds can be found online at