Bird spotted, drops timber land value $18 million

Bird spotted, drops timber land value $18 million
AP Photo/Esther Burkett

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The discovery of a threatened bird in the Elliott Sate Forest in Coos County has drastically lowered the value of three tracts where logging is now in doubt.

The Oregonian reports state appraisals dropped from $22 million to less than $4 million after a marbled murrelet was spotted last summer by state surveyors and volunteers with the Coast Range Forest Watch, a conservation group that opposes the timber sale.

The state appraisal dropped dramatically because only a small portion of the land could be thinned or logged since the bird was found to be living on the land, decreasing the profit possibility of the land.

The murrelet is a threatened seabird species that nests in large trees.

The state uses timber revenue from the Elliott State Forest to fund public education.