Officials say use the recent storm as a wake up call

Officials say use the recent storm as a wake up call »Play Video

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- In the Roseburg area, the storm didn't dump too much snow and most of it was gone by the time the sun came up on Tuesday.

But that wasn't the case for all of the county, many areas got several inches overnight.

Though some people weren't hit with snow this time around, officials say that winter is just starting, and now is the time to prepare yourself. Todd Munsey from Douglas Electric says that people should try to be as prepared as possible for extended power outages. "Expect the unexpected, and hope for the best," he said. "This is a pretty good wake up call, being so early in the winter. I think folks, we try to keep things prepared and ready to go. Folks out in the service area need to be prepared for anything that happens."

For the average family, Munsey says that means having enough food, clothing and water to last several days.

Though most power outages only last a few hours, Camas Valley residents were without power until Tuesday night, and Munsey says that is something families need to be ready for.

If you have special needs, like life support or oxygen, Munsey recommends having a plan in place in case the power goes out.

Another good thing to do is to check on elderly and disabled neighbors and family members when you can.