Camas Valley: Home of the back-to-back champs

Camas Valley: Home of the back-to-back champs »Play Video

The Camas Valley Hornets won a second straight OSAA 1A State Championship on Saturday with a 24-8 win over St. Paul at Cottage Grove High School.

The Buckaroos also handed the Hornets their last defeat. That came in the 2010 championship game.

Senior running back Eli Wolfe had a game-high 20 carries for 86 yards and a fourth quarter touchdown.

"It means a lot, I have gotten facebook messages and phone calls from people I don't even know saying, 'Hey in '88 we got beat by these guys in the playoffs, can you beat them for us? We have never beaten them'. Wolfe continued, "My dad lost to them his junior and senior year, we watched that tape over and over all week long."

As for head coach Eli Wolfe?, he was pretty elated. "Those juniors have played 41 games in three years, that is remarkable man. It's a gauntlet. I am ready for a vacation, I am going to Disneyland, something good man. Something good. Something good man, I need a break. I need a break. Life is good!"

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