Duck Football: Bennett says, "I'm staying"

EUGENE, OR - Bryan Bennett is staying.

"I'm here today, and that's all the matters," said the red-shirt sophomore quarterback who spent Tuesday contemplating his future at Oregon.

After losing the battle for the starting QB job to red-shirt freshman Marcus Mariota, Bennett was clearly disappointed, and did not practice with the team on Tuesday.

He took that day to "square some things away". That involved a conversation with Ducks' head coach Chip Kelly. Bennett would not disclose the nature of that discussion with the media on Wednesday. He did say that transferring wasn't what the talk was about.

Bennett admitted that eventually making it to NFL is dream of his and not being the starter at Oregon weighed on his mind concerning his future.

However, he said he is "ready to fight and work for my team."

That may include a position change. Bennett said he was willing to play somewhere else and even joked about returning kicks.

His teammates are pleased with his decision. Senior offensive guard Carson York admitted that the team needed Bennett if the Ducks are going to achieve their goals this season.

Bennett is the only quarterback on the roster that has any playing experience at the collegiate level.