Darron Thomas: The 'other' QB

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Lost in all the hype surrounding Auburn quarterback, Cam Newton, and his jaw dropping stats, is the fact that Oregon quarterback, Darron Thomas, has led the Ducks to their first ever 12-0 mark in his first year as a starter.

As for DT, he doesn't mind that Newton gets all the pub.

"I'm just happy that I get to fly under the radar and just stay mentally prepared and not have to worry about the media and things like that," says Thomas. "I can be ready to go. It's good."

Even the Tigers have a hard time comparing Thomas and the Oregon offense to anyone but Newton and the Auburn offense. And the Tigers' secondary, which was 9th in the SEC in pass efficiency defense, could be a weakness that Thomas could exploit.

"He is an efficient passer," says Auburn's defensive coordinator, Ted Roof. "He can make all the throws and can avoid the first rusher. And as their receivers come open, deliver the ball."

"He runs the zone read probably better than anyone we played against," says Tiger's safety, Zac Etheridge. "They do it to perfection, so you never know what he might do with the ball. He holds it sometimes, and you don't know who has the ball, the running back or him."

If Auburn stuffs the run early, it could force the Ducks to rely more on Thomas,and if DT has his way, it will just be him sneaking up on another opponent.

"Oh yea," says Thomas. "That's what I've been doing all year."

"DT's just that type of guy," says Oregon WR, DJ Davis. "I appreciate him for saying that, but you know, a lot of people can talk about Cam Newton but we also have a very good quarterback in Darron Thomas, who makes a lot of plays and who's had a very successful season thus far. Hopefully he can finish it up with one more good game."