'There's only so much you can do sometimes'

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Nick Aliotti

EUGENE, Ore. - Nick Aliotti took a look at the lenses pressed into his face Tuesday and cut to the chase.
"There's a lot of cameras here," the University of Oregon Duck football defensive coordinator told the press. "What do we want?"

"Um, the Cliff situation," a reporter asked. "Do you have a comment on that?"

"Cliff is suspended indefinitely until Coach (Chip) Kelly and everybody, we know more. And that's about all I know, to be honest with you," he said.

Kelly had little to say about the situation Tuesday.

"I haven't finished anything," he said. "He's suspended until we get information on the situation."

Asked what information he wanted, Kelly replied, "Everything. I want to know the whole deal." He also said he had not spoken to police about the driving violations brought against Harris on Monday.

'I try not to worry about those things that I can't control'

Aliotti described himself as "like an ostrich" and focused on watching film and getting ready for the next game.

"I try not to worry about those things that I can't control," he said, "but I wish I was better at doing that."

He also spoke about his role as a coach as he relates to players.

"I think that part of our job is to help young men grow up to be a better young man when they leave, I feel a little bit bad when ... we're maybe we're not able to accomplish that.

"That is kind of part of what I think being a coach is," he said. "But anyway, there's only so much you can do sometimes."