UO tests temp seating towers at Autzen

UO tests temp seating towers at Autzen

EUGENE, Ore. - When Duck fans head to the game this Saturday, they'll notice a new addition at Autzen Stadium. Two tower suites, which will provide more seating for fans.

The University of Oregon's Athletic Department said they're giving some Duck fans a new way to view the game.

"It's just a different viewing point, a different opportunity to really test how it functions and then look at what we might be able to consider in the future," said athletic director Rob Mullens.

Over the past week, the two structures have been erected on top of the north side of the stadium.
Each is three levels with the ability to hold 30 fans.

"It's not really going to change capacity at all," said Mullens. "Again we're talking about, it's going to replace some of the standing room only with some seated patrons and then provide some standing room only as well."

After discussing it this summer, Mullens said they got a permit from the city to build.

"The company that's erecting these structures does this at Hayward Field so they've done this for the Olympic Trials, they do them at a lot of Professional Golf Association tour events," said Mullens.

This weekend's game against USC will be the first test.
"We are anxious to see how it functions on Saturday," said Mullens.

Right now, he said, the athletic department isn't looking at any permanent structures just yet.

"It's something we'll consider after we've done the right amount of research and understand what truly is the demand."

Both towers will remain up at least through the Civil War game.