Wide World of Golf: Bandon Preserve

Wide World of Golf: Bandon Preserve

Once again, the Bandon Dunes golf resort is bringing golfers something completely different.

The Bandon Preserve, a 13-hole layout along the ocean that features nothing but par threes, all with breathtaking views.

Jeff Simonds of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort says, "The routing started with 12 and then Mr. Coore and Mr. Crenshaw, they found a 13th hole, and they talked to Mr. Keiser about it, and they said great, if there's another good hole in there, then let's build it."

David Zinland adds, "It's not a sequence of holes where you feel like you've gone over the same ground before."

The concept behind the Preserve is simple. Too bushed to play 36 in a day? Arrive at the resort in the afternoon? Jump on this 13-hole circuit and play a quickie.

"We've got players who play 18 and they wanna play a little more, and don't have the energy for 36 and the time. This will just be another way you can come experience Bandon Dunes and play the right amount of golf that's good for you, " Simonds claims.

While the people at Bandon never say never, it does appear that the Preserve is the final piece in the four and a half course master plan, originally set for the resort.S

Simonds says, "We're calling it our fifth golf course, because it's going to be 13 holes, and it will 13 world class par threes. The idea is to build the best possible golf we can with the land that's out there."

In addition, the Preserve is aptly named and what the resort aims to preserve is the silvery phacelia, a plant that is being choked out by beach grass.

Schedule to open in June of 2012, this latest addition figures to be a nice accompaniment to what is now known around the world as a golfing mecca.